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Class research guide for Louise Harrison-Lepera's 21W.013 class.

Tracing Scientific Research in the News

When mainstream news organizations or popular publications report on scientific research, there are a number of ways you could find more information about the science:

Class Activity

On October 7, Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on DNA. Based on the article reporting the news in The New York Times, the press release from the Noble Committee, and any of the resources listed on this website, answer the following questions:

  1. Which specific research articles did the Nobel Committee cite in awarding them the prize?

  2. How many of these articles can you locate online using the resources listed on this web site?

  3. How did you locate the articles? What strategies did you use?

  4. For each article, how many other researchers have cited the article in their research?

  5. Can you find other articles (newspapers, magazines) that mention any of this research?

Manage Your References

Any of the these tools listed below can help you organize and cite your references. The Overview at the top of the list explains the strengths and weaknesses for each.


LibX is a browser add-on you can download for Firefox and Google Chrome. LibX will give you easier access to MIT resources from anywhere. Check this guide for more information, including short videos on how it works.

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Mark Szarko

Getting Help If Mark's Not Around

Ask Us - for quick reference questions

Research Consultations- appointments with subject experts for in-depth help