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21W.015: Writing and Rhetoric: Writing about Sports: Home

Class research guide for Karen Boiko's section of 21W.015.

BartonPlus - Search across different databases

BartonPlus allows you to search across databases at once, which can be useful if your topic crosses disciplines. It will also search for books in Barton, although if your focus is on books, it's better to search Barton directly.

Because sports generate interest in so many disciplines, this might also be a good place to search across many places at once to see what subjects your topic is listed under.

Manage Your References

Any of the these tools listed below can help you organize and cite your references. The Overview at the top of the list explains the strengths and weaknesses for each.

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Mark Szarko

Getting Help If Mark's Not Around

If I'm not available to answer your question, please feel free to consult with one of my colleagues:


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