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Prototype Views of ITDD Current Portfolio

About Information Technology and Digital Development

The Information Technology and Digital Development Directorate is responsible for the software applications, computer hardware, and services that support the work of the Libraries’ staff and users. System and service design, build/configure and maintain homegrown, community source, and commercial applications. The directorate aims to support the long-term health of the Libraries and MIT by balancing strategic, forward-thinking IT services, infrastructure, and software & service design and development with near-term responsiveness—adapting as staff and user needs change, and as institutional, library, and technological landscapes evolve.

ITDD Leadership Team

Armand Doucette, Associate Director for Information Technology and Digital Development | E25-131 |  617.253.0827

Mohamed El Ouirdi, Head, Technology Systems & Support Services | E25-131 |  617.253.9369

Christine Quirion, Head, Technology Planning, Integration, & Experience | E25-131 | 617.253.5667

Richard Rodgers, Head, Digital Library Application Development | E25-131 | 617.253.1663