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Assessment in the MIT Libraries: MIT Library surveys

A guide to the MIT Libraries' activities related to continuous assessment and improvement.

About the MIT Library Surveys

Every three years, the MIT Libraries undertakes major surveys of faculty, undergraduates, graduate students and research staff with the goal of gathering information about the Libraries' services in order to improve them.

The Libraries' most recent survey was administered in January-February 2015.  Previous surveys are linked to the tabs above, underneath the tab for this page.

Survey instruments available on these pages are offered under Creative Commons Attribution license. For more information, contact Lisa Horowitz, Assessment Librarian, MIT Libraries:

2015 library survey

The most recent MIT Libraries Survey was conducted in January-February 2015. Over 5400 MIT members responded, with an overall response rate of 32%. (Response rates by community: 36% of the undergraduates, 34% of the grad students, 22% of faculty, 32% of postdocs and 26% of other research and academic staff.) Some major findings will be indicated below.

Below is the survey instrument, along with a summary results file.

Assessment Librarian

Lisa R. Horowitz

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