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Guide to using the trial of BrowZine

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Training and help

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine is a tool for reading e-journal issues on tablets, phones or on the web. It consolidates journals from several publishers, allowing you to read and browse issues through a single interface rather than looking up each journal individually.

MIT Libraries are offering a trial of BrowZine in 2016. Try it out and tell us what you think!

Installing BrowZine apps

To download the BrowZine app for your phone, tablet or Kindle Fire, go to the appropriate app store:


The BrowZine app requires iOS version 7.x+, Android 4.1+, or Kindle Fire; you can also use the web version (see below). 

After downloading the app, choose Massachusetts Institute of Technology from the list of available libraries. You will then be asked to log in with your MIT ID and Kerberos password.

After logging in, browse journals by category or search by journal name. Once you've found a journal, the table of contents for the most recent issue will appear.You can choose earlier issues with the button labeled "available issues."

Click the article title to display the pdf of the issue, or click the file-drawer icon to save the article to "saved articles."

Using BrowZine web

You can also use the web version of BrowZine. Open BrowZine in any web browser and choose MIT as your library (if you are already logged in via certificates, this may be recognized automatically).

What's included?

What you CAN find in BrowZine: 

What you CAN'T find in BrowZine:

  • Older issues of many journals, even if we have online access to them; journals are only available in BrowZine from 2005.
    • Example: The ASCE journal Journal of Bridge Engineering is available in BrowZine from 2005-present. However, the MIT libraries have online access from the publisher from 1996-present.
  • Magazines, newspapers and other non-journal publications, as well as journals only available in print, are not available in BrowZine.
    • Example: The magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology is available to MIT full text online through the EBSCOhost aggregator Academic Search Complete. However, this publication does not appear in BrowZine.
  • You cannot search for articles directly in BrowZine, only journal names. To search for specific articles, use a research database; lists of databases for each subject are on our research guides.

For help getting access to journals, or for any feedback or questions, please contact