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Technical Reports: Technical Report Series Codes & Holdings at MIT Libraries

Technical Reports Holdings by MIT Library

Barker Engineering Library:

Most technical reports in Barker are on microfiche in drawers located on the 5th floor. They include:

  • David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center Reports (DTMB, DTNSRDC, DTRC)
    • Digital Archive:
    • Paper copies of the reports in the digital archive: Library Storage Annex at call number: V393.R46
    • If not in the digital archive, check the microfiche copies: Microfiche area, first cabinet nearest the door, 4th drawer down.
  • Computer Science (CMU-CS) and Robotics Institute (CMU-RI-TR) reports from Carnegie Mellon University  Microfiche area, first cabinet nearest the door, 4th drawer down.
  • ComputerScience (STAN-CS) reports from Stanford University Microfiche area, first cabinet nearest the door, 4th drawer down.
  • Earthquake Engineering Research Center (EERC) reports from the University of California, Berkeley  Microfiche area, first cabinet nearest the door, 4th drawer down.
  • Computer Science (UILCDCS-R) and College of Engineering (UILU-ENG) reports from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  Microfiche area, first cabinet nearest the door, 4th drawer down.
  • U.S. Government depository microfiche are in the Microfiche Area arranged by Superintendent of Documents number in the first drawers on the left.

Science Library:

  • The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) produces technical reports. For their NUREG series, try here for online reports:
  • MIT Libraries have several NUREGS listed in Barton. First try searching by the author and title. MOST NUREGS, however, are listed according to their series designation. Use the < Title Begins with> search and type in the series number, such as NUREG/BR, or NUREG/CR. Look at the detailed holdings to see if MIT owns the one you want.
  • Request an item you see listed from the Library Storage Annex using this form: Include all the information, including call number.
  • The Libraries also own partial set of dockets (reports on nuclear power plants); docket lists and FIND Indexes (reactors by name and number).

At the Annex:

In addition to paper and fiche reports, the Annex has AD reports from the 1940s-1960s on reels of microfilm. These books guide you to these reports: Correlation Index (1953); 1958; August 1963; and other supplements from 1963 and 1964. Note: the Correlation Index (1953) also lists many PB numbers for reports from the MIT Radiation Lab.

For any report you can't find, use Ask Us!

Major Technical Report Series in the MIT Libraries

Codes below taken from:

Report Series Code Dictionary
Barker and Science Reference Collections: Z6945.A2.R45 1986

Code Agency or Laboratory Library
AAEC Australian Atomic Energy Commission LSA
AD general accession number Rotch, LSA
AEC-TR Atomic Energy Commission, translation LSA
AECL Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd LSA
AECU Technical Information Service, AEC unclassified LSA
AERE Atomic Energy Research Establishment UK LSA
AFME Agence Francaise Maitrise Energi LSA
AGARD AR R Advisory Group for Aerospace Research Development LSA
AFOSR see U.S. Air Force  
AIM Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Memo Barker
ANL Argonne National Laboratory LSA
ARC-CP R&M Great Britain Aeronautical Research Council LSA
BDX Bendix Corporation LSA
BFR Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm LSA
BMFT Bundesministerium fur Forschung und Technologie LSA
BNL Battelle National Laboratory LSA
BNWL Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory LSA
C-CORE Center for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering Barker
CEA Commissareat a l’Energie Atomique, France LSA
CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research Science LSA
CG Coast Guard Barker
CMU-RT Carnegie-Mellon University Robotics Institute Barker
CNIC China Nuclear Information Center, Beijing LSA
CNRS Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique LSA
CONF Conference, DOE, AEC & ERDA general accession number LSA
CRREL Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory Barker
DESY Deutches Elektronen Synchroton LSA
DOCKET Nuclear Regulatory Commission reports on power plants LSA
DOE Department of Energy LSA
DOT Department of Transportation Barker
DTNSRDC David W. Taylor Naval Ship R and D Center Barker
EERC University of California Earthquake Engineering Res Ctr Barker
EIA Energy Information and Administration Dewey
EPA Environmental Protection Agency Barker
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute LSA
ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration LSA
EUR European Atomic Energy Commission LSA
FAA Federal Aviation Administration LSA
FE general accession number LSA
FermiLab Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory LSA
FHWA Federal Highway Administration Barker
GA GA-A General Atomic Co, San Diego, later GA Technologies LSA
GJBX Grand Junction Office, Bendix Field Corporation LSA
HEDL Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory LSA
Housing & Urban Affairs titles from HUD Library Rotch
IAE Institut Tomnoj Energii USSR LSA
IAEA International Atomic Energy Commission LSA
ICSE R Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Eng LSA
IEA Instituto de Energia Atomic, Sao Paulo, Brazil LSA
INEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory LSA
INIS International Nuclear Information System LSA
IPNO Institut de Physique Nucleaire, Orsay, France LSA
IPP Max Planck Institute LSA
JAERI Japanese Atomic Energy Research Institute LSA
JHRP Purdue University Joint Highway Research Project Barker
JINR Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, USSR LSA
JPL-BIBL California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Lab LSA
JUEL Kernforschungsanlage, Germany LSA
KFK Kernforschungsnlage Karlsruhe, German LSA
KFKI Magyar Tutomanyos Akademia Kozponti Fizikai Kutato Intezete, Budapest LSA
LA Los Alamos National Laboratory LSA
LASL Los Alamos National Laboratory LSA
LBL Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory LSA
LLL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LSA
LTR Idaho National Engineering Laboratory LSA
MARAD Maritime Administration Barker
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics LSA
NAE-AN National Aeronautical Establishment, Canada LSA
NAL TR National Aerospace Laboratory, Japan LSA
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO-COMS NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society Barker
NBS National Burreau of Standards Barker
NCEL Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory Barker
NMAB National Materials Advisory Board Barker
NP general accession number LSA
NRCC-DME National Research Council, Canada, Div of Mech Eng Barker
NRCN Israel Atomic Energy Commission LSA
NRL Naval Research Laboratory Barker
NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Admin Barker
NTIS Selected research in urban regional technology, bldg tech Rotch
NUREG Nuclear Regulatory Commission LSA
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory LSA
PB general accession number LSA
PNL Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory LSA
RAND Rand Corporation Dewey
REC Bureau of Reclamation Barker
RISO Danish Atomic Energy Commission LSA
RL Science Research Council, Rutherford Laboratory UK LSA
SAND Sandia National Laboratory LSA
SERI Solar Energy Research Institute, Golden, Colorado LSA
SIT-DL Stevens Institute of Technology, Davidson Laboratory Barker
SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Center LSA
SSC Ship Structure Committee Barker
STAN-CS Stanford University Department of Computer Science Barker
T & AM U of Illinois Dept of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Barker
TH-E Eindhoven U of Tech, Dept of Electrical Engineering Barker
TID general accession number LSA
TRRL Transport and Road Research Laboratory, Grt Britain Barker
U.S. Air Force holdings from USAF offices, labs, AFOSR, AFFML … LSA
U.S. Dept of Housing & Urban Development All depository items Rotch
U.S. Federal Housing Admin All depository items Rotch
UCAL-WRC University of California Water Resources Center Barker
UCID U of California Lawrence Livermore National Lab LSA
UCRL U of California Lawrence Livermore National Lab LSA
UIUCDCS University of Illinois Department of Computer Science Barker
UKY-BU U of Kentucky Office of Research & Eng Service Barker
UMICH-Dept NAME U of Michigan Dept of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Barker
Urban Documents Microfilm Coll. Boston Rotch
USGS-OFR US Geological Survey Open File Reports Barker, Science, LSA, Online
UTIAS-R TN University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies LSA
VKA-RM TN Von Karmann Institute LSA
WANL Westinghouse Electric Corp, Astronuclear Laboratory LSA
WAPD Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory LSA

  Subject Experts

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Librarian for Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, Energy & Environment, & Nuclear Science & Engineering

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