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Office of the Director: Library Council

Library Council

Library Council is a standing committee consisting of the Libraries' Associate Directors and Department Heads, and chaired by the Director of Libraries. It advises the Director of Libraries on major program and administrative policy issues, and participates in long-range planning and budget formulation. Library Council also provides a forum for interdepartmental communications.

Wiki: Membership, agendas, minutes, etc.


  • Micah Altman, Director of Research (escience)
  • Eugenia Beh, CPDI Chair, Electronic Resources Librarian (ebeh)
  • Chris Bourg, Director of Libraries (cbourg)
  • Nina Davis-Millis, Director of Community Support & Staff Development (ninadm)
  • Robin Deadrick, Human Resources Administrator (rmdead)
  • Armand Doucette, Associate Director for Technology (doucette)
  • Darcy Duke, Term Member FY17, Program Head, User Experience and Web Services (darcy)
  • Mohammed El Ouirdi, Head, Technology Systems & Support Services (elouirdi)
  • Ellen Finnie, Head, Scholarly Communications and Collections Strategy (efinnie)
  • Greg Eow, Associate Director for Collections (geow)
  • Brigham Fay, Marketing and Communications Officer (brighamf)
  • Tracy Gabridge, Associate Director for Academic and Community Engagement Services (tag)
  • Keith Glavash, Associate Director for Administration (kglavash)
  • Lisa Horowitz, Assessment Librarian (lisah)
  • Erja Kajosalo, Term Member, FY17, Chemistry & Chem Eng Libn/Mgr (kajosalo)
  • Kaija Langley, Director of Development (klangley)
  • Nancy McGovern, Head, Curation & Preservation Services (nancymcg)
  • Marilyn McSweeney, Head, Acquisitions & Discovery Enhancement (mgm)
  • Karrie Peterson, Head, Liaison, Instruction & Reference Services (karrie)
  • Christine Quirion, Head, Technology Planning, Integration & Experience (cquirion)
  • Richard Rogers, Head, Software Development & Analysis (rrodgers)
  • Tom Rosko, Head, Institute Archives & Special Collections (rosko)
  • Monica Ruiz, Term Member FY17, Access Services Assistant (moniruiz)
  • Randi Shapiro, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Staff to the Library Council (shapiror)
  • Howard Silver, Head, Data and Specialized Services (hsilver)
  • Felicity Walsh, Head, Information Delivery & Library Access (fdwalsh)
  • Jaclyn Wilson, Term Member FY17, Access Services Assistant  (jdwilso)
  • Heather Yager, Director of Digital Projects (hyager)


Meeting schedule:

First Wednesday of each month, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.

Email list: