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Mendeley at MIT: Mendeley

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a tool that enables you to manage citations and PDFs using a desktop client or through your account on Mendeley also includes plugins for Word or OpenOffice, so you can easily create citations and/or bibliographies as you write your papers.

What makes Mendeley unique is that it enables you to leverage the power of social networking to create a global citation management network. Use Mendeley to connect with other researchers in your field and discover what they are reading. There are also groups you can join that focus on particular subject areas or research projects. Mendeley even allows you to log in using your Facebook account.

Setting up Mendeley is free and comes with 2 GB of storage on their web server. The Libraries have purchased Mendeley Insitutional Edition which gives MIT users additional storage and other features. (See box below for details.) Others can pay an additional monthly fee you to get more storage space. Learn more about pricing & storage.

Mendeley at MIT

MIT Libraries now offers enhanced Mendeley access for all MIT users with Mendeley Institutional Edition.

What is Mendeley Institutional Edition?

MIE gives MIT users enhanced access to Mendeley. If you join the MIT group, you'll get 5 GB of personal space in Mendeley (vs. 2 GB with the free, unaffiliated version) and 20 GB of shared space (vs. 100 MB with a free account). You'll also be able to create an unlimited number of shared groups with up to 25 members.

How can you get access to our MIE subscription?

To get access to our MIE subscription you need to join the MIT group. To do this, go to:

On that page, click the “Join this Group” link. You’ll be prompted for your MIT email address, and a link will be sent there for joining the group.

Note: You must have an active MIT email address to sign up. If you already have a Mendeley account using a non-MIT email address, you’ll be able to move that account to the MIT group using the link sent to your MIT address. Instead of creating a new account, click the link that says "Already have an Account?" and sign in with your existing account information. You should then be able to validate your account as being eligible for the MIT group.

Getting help with Mendeley

Mendeley support links:

If you have questions about using Mendeley in conjunction with library-supported databases, please email