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Assessment in the MIT Libraries: Home

A guide to the MIT Libraries' activities related to continuous assessment and improvement.


The MIT Libraries assesses its services through regular surveys as well as user needs studies and usability studies to ensure that our physical and virtual services meet the needs of the MIT community. This guide describes our processes and presents some of the results. 

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Assessment news

The User Experience and Web Services (UXWS) group has been experimenting with some new products. One of these, Yewno, is a new type of discovery tool developed in Silicon Valley, which uses full text analysis and machine learning to create a visual, interactive map of connected concepts. See some of the usability testing results.

A small team sponsored by the soon-to-be-announced Digital Scholarship Working Group has been exploring the kinds of digital projects that students create in their coursework and research while at MIT. The group has interviewed 17 students from four of the five schools whose work has generated digital objects. The results of this work will be used to inform future space and service needs in the Libraries.

Our next survey will be in the fall of 2017. The most recent MIT Libraries Survey was conducted in January-February 2015, with major findings available on the MIT Libraries Surveys tab above.

As the MIT Libraries Space Planning Group begins its work, the Hayden Library and its new arrangement will be explored to learn about how the organization of collections impact browsing, usability, and usage of the libraries in general. Experiments in space use for collaboration, study and collaboration will be evaluated as well, to inform future space planning. Results of that study will be forthcoming in the next year.

Assessment Librarian

Lisa R. Horowitz