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Personal content management tools: Collaborate

Write collaboratively

Write papers with a group

  1. Google Drive is a popular tool for creating documents, spreadsheets, and more with a group.
  2. Authorea is a tool for writing with a group in LaTeX. It allows you to search for citations and build a bibliography.

Write collaboratively and share references

Unfortunately, there's not currently a good tool for writing a shared document that includes a way to manage your citations.

One workaround is to use Google Docs with Zotero. It's a little clunky, but it works! 

Share citations & PDFs

There are a few tools that work really well for sharing citations and PDFs (or other files) with a group:

  1. Mendeley -  Watch a video tutorial on Mendeley public/private groups, or learn more about collaborating with Mendeley
  2. Zotero - Learn more about setting up groups with Zotero.

Share notes & annotations

If you want to share notes or annotations on files or web pages, try:

Evernote - Share notes, files, web clips, and images, and sync to multiple devices.

Share files

Use these popular tools for sharing & syncing files within a group:

  1. Dropbox 
  2. Google Drive