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Location of material in Dewey Library: Database Locations

Databases on Dewey Library Workstations

These databases are installed on workstations in the Dewey Library and are limited to MIT users only, unless otherwise noted.

For locations of other materials in the Dewey Library, see Location by Material Type.

Capital IQ Financial and descriptive information on public and private companies and executives. Need help? The S&P Industry Surveys can be accessed here. Need help? Company intelligence guide, Capital IQ help & tips on the Finance Research Guide 2, 3
Datastream A robust analytics tool that can run a large range of global financial data. Need help?  Datastream help & tips on the Finance Research Guide 6
Laser-D & Laser-D International More information. 7
Morningstar Principia Pro for Mutual Funds Investment data on more than 10, 000 mutual funds with multiple search and display capabilities. 9
Project Finance International via SDC Platinum    Need help? SDC Platinum help & tips on the Finance Research Guide 2-5
Regional Economic Information System (REIS) Economic data and annual estimates of personal income for the residents of the United States. Per capita personal income (PCPI) estimates are available annually from 1969. More information. 8
SDC Platinum Analyze investment banking, market share, and deal trends, find information on mergers & acquisitions, syndicated loans, private equity, and more. Need help? SDC Platinum help & tips on the Finance Research Guide 2-5
World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Contains more than 150 telecommunication/ICT statistics covering fixed-telephone networks, mobile-cellular phone subscriptions, internet traffic, and more. List of  database indicators and economies. Need help? Contact International Telecommunication Union 8

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