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Location of material in Dewey Library: Database Locations

Databases on Dewey Library Workstations

These databases are installed on workstations on the first floor of Dewey Library and are limited to MIT users only, unless otherwise noted.

For locations of other materials in the Dewey Library, see Location by Material Type.

Capital IQ 5, 6
County and City Data Book 10, 11
CPS Utilities 15
Datastream 14
Disclosure Select International Annual Reports 8
Disclosure Select Top Companies LL-3 (Lower level)
Industrial Statistics Database (UN) 6, 8
Laser-D & Laser-D International 12
Moody's International Annual Reports LL-3 (Lower level)
Morningstar Principia Pro for Mutual Funds 6
Project Finance International via SDC Platinum    5, 7
Regional Economic Information System (REIS) 10, 11
SDC Platinum 5, 7
Stata 15
Stat/Transfer 15
USA Trade Online (unrestricted) 1, 3, 4, 10
World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators 8 (Ask for CD at Desk)

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