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Watch these videos to learn more about using the MIT Libraries:

About the MIT Libraries

Part 1: Navigating the MIT Libraries System (4:40)
Part 2: The Libraries Web Page (3:14)

Using Barton, the MIT Libraries Catalog

Part 1: About Barton (1:36)
Part 2: Barton's Basic Search Mode (5:18)
Part 3: Barton's Advanced Search Mode (3:58)
Part 4: Locating Materials in the MIT Libraries (3:20)

Finding Articles

Part 1: Beyond Google: Introducing Article Databases (4:09)
Part 2: Finding Journal Articles on a Specific Topic (5:34)
Part 3: Getting Articles from Known Citations (4:40)

Getting to Full Text

Part 1: Full Text Databases: Getting to Full Text (2:52)
Part 2: Other Full Text Tools (4:49)

Database Search Tips

Part 1: Keyword Searching (3:01)
Part 2: Using Boolean Operators (4:02)
Part 3: Truncation (1:43)
Part 4: Subject Headings (4:35)
Part 5: Searching Fields and Applying Limits (3:54)



General Reference:

The Virtual Reference Collection contains online dictionaries, encyclopedias, conversion tools, statistics sites and much, much, more.

Facts and Statistical Information:

Contains: Short profiles and data on over 200 countries. Covers geography, government, economies, communication, transportation, population, and military.

Prepared by: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

Contains: Country Reports provide analysis of current trends in economic and political conditions for nearly 200 countries, including a two-year forecast. Country Profiles provide analysis of historical, political, infrastructural, and economic trends and are updated annually. EIU is known for its forecasts of political and economic developments. Includes many data tables.

Prepared by: Economist Intelligence Unit

Contains: OECD's publications portal. Includes access to OECD periodicals, monographs, annual reports, and statistical databases.

Prepared by: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Contains: Statistical data on social, economic, financial, natural resources, and environmental indicators.

Prepared by: World Bank

Contains: Quantitative data and indicators of current trends in health and disease in 191 countries.

Prepared by: World Health Organization

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