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Manage your information: Home

Index page for helping users understand options for managing data, personal content, citations, personal records, etc.

Manage your citations

Overview of citation software at MIT

Learn how to manage citations & PDFs with:

Manage & protect your personal digital files

Organize & tag your personal digital files, so you can find them again easily.

Organize your personal content

Personal content management tools

Get organized & work more efficiently.

  • Choose tools for organizing & annotating PDFs, notes, & other files
  • Collaborate more efficiently

Manage your data

Data management

Manage your data before you begin your research and throughout its life cycle to ensure that you and other researchers can use it effectively now and into the future.

  • Evaluate your data needs
  • Create a data management plan
  • Secure your data
  • Create a backup plan
  • Share and cite your data