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Staff profiles: How to create: Directions for adding a profile

Directions for creating your Staff Profile

Types of staff profiles

There are 2 places for library staff to make profiles:

  1. Staff Profile linked from Staff Directory and on the home page if you're an "expert"
    That's what this page is about. Read on.
  2. Profile Box that appears on every LibGuide you author (unless you hide it)
    You only need this if you're the author of LibGuides pages. Email web-lib for help with setting it up. Technically, you can edit your LibGuides profile & photo yourself, but web-lib can tweak the code to make it the standard look.

Basic staff directory info: everyone has this

Basic directory info

Everyone has basic info listed in the staff directory (title, department, email, MIT address, phone, IM, etc.)  Administrative Services provides basic directory info to UXWS. Request edits by emailing web-lib.

Add a photo

Adding a photo makes you look more accessible to users, and it helps library staff to get to know you better. Experts without photos can't be featured on the Libraries home page.

Guidelines for photos:

  • A high-quality, high-resolution professional forward-facing head-shot, preferably taken by the Libraries' photographer, or other professional-quality headshots. Photo shoots are held for all Libraries' staff a few times a year - see Staff Photos.
  • The final image will display at 100x100 pixels (web-lib can resize or crop photos). If submitting your own photo, make sure the resolution is high enough that it can be cropped with a close focus on your head (see below image for a good example.)

Patsy's directory box

The "How can X help you?" box: bonus points for adding this!

Help users get to know you even more by adding more info to your profile in the "How can X help you?" box.

Step 1: Write your profile

Sections to include:

  1. "How can X help you?"
    Simple description that can help users decide if you have the expertise they need.  Remember, your audience is MIT users, not library staff. 

  2. "Education/Experience"
    • Only include what you think is relevant to users you'll be helping.
    • Most users probably don't care if you have a library degree.
    • If you have a degree in the subject/area you are an expert in, list it! 
    • If your education isn't a big factor, just leave it out.

  3. "See also:"
    List links to any guides or web pages that you helped create & that would be relevant to users who visit your profile.


Patsy's profile

Tips for creating your staff profile:

  • Include only information that will help a user decide if you can help them. 
  • Keep it simple, short, & sweet.
  • Use plain language that anyone can understand.
  • Browse others' profiles for inspiration.

Step 2: Email your profile text to web-lib 

Web-lib staff will do final edits & post to the directory.