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Staff Profiles: Katherine McNeill

Profiles of staff at the MIT Libraries.

Katherine McNeill

Kate McNeil

Katherine McNeill

Program Head, Data Management Services
Data and Specialized Services | E53-168c | 617.253.0787

How can Kate help you?

How can Kate help you?

Need help finding or managing research data? Kate can help.

As a member of the Libraries' Data Management Services, she can advise you on managing research data that you collect to ensure its current usability and long-run preservation and access. Kate also enables researchers to locate and utilize numeric datasets, statistics, and other information in the social sciences. No matter your discipline, Kate can help you to be more efficient and focus on your research.


Kate has worked in the Libraries since 2001 and is involved in international programs to foster the use of research data. She is also the MIT representative to ICPSR (the world's largest archive of social science research data), the Harvard-MIT Data Center, and the DDI Alliance (the metadata standard for numeric data in the social sciences).

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