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Social Science Data Services: Harvard-MIT Data Center

This is the Social Science Data Services site which provides/pulls together guidance on finding statistics and data in the social sciences.

Statistical software workshops

Analyze data

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Harvard-MIT Data Center (HMDC)

MIT's membership in the Harvard-MIT Data Center provides the following services for MIT researchers:

Harvard Dataverse Network

The Harvard Dataverse Network is a data repository for research data in any discipline.

Harvard-MIT Data Center (HMDC) Computing Services

1. The HMDC Research Computing Environment (RCE) offers you:

  • a centralized place in which to store your data and run your analysis
  • remote access to specialized data analysis software
  • temporary disk storage space for limited-time research projects
  • collaboration with other researchers is possible

To apply for an RCE account, contact

2. MIT affiliates may also get accounts to use the HMDC computer labs for the use of specialized data analysis software not necessarily available at MIT. To apply for a computer lab, contact

Research Technology Consulting

Have questions about statistical software, statistics, or social science research methods?  Use the Harvard Research Technology Consulting Service. Consultants can help with issues such as:

  • Learning or troubleshooting statistical software packages such as R, Stata, or SAS
  • Data analysis support and programming advice
  • Statistical methodology questions
  • For social science research projects:
    • Research project planning and guidance
    • Use of research technology (e.g., screen scraping, social network analysis, and more)

Members of the MIT community can meet with a consultant at Harvard. To make an appointment or ask for tips on a project:

Program Head, Data Management Services

Katherine McNeill

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