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5.310 Laboratory Chemistry: Overview

Finding information for your Research Report

  • Finding information is very easy, as information is published just about everywhere in the online world we live in. 
  • The key to being an efficient researcher is knowing about the best information sources to search for your topic in order to find the authoritative, scholarly resources expected of college students. 
  • Librarians specialize in knowing about information sources, so Ask Us for assistance when you need it. 
  • This website focuses on guiding you to library online catalogs, journal article databases, and scholarly web collections so your research time will be well-focused and productive.

Why use books?

  • To read summarized knowledge on established areas of research.
  • To get a good starting point for selecting and refining a topic.
  • To find bibliographies and reference lists that will help you identify other important works on a subject.

Why use articles?

  • To find highly specific information on a topic: articles are often the first place where new research is discussed.
  • To see many publication types: journals, magazines, newspapers, chapters in books, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journals, etc.
  • Articles published in scholarly journals are usually peer-reviewed; most are NOT available on teh web for free.

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