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Admin Assistants Resource Guide: Shipping, Mailing & Postage

Shipping, Mailing & Postage

Helpful Info

Libraries Mail Room 14-0756,  key # 14-159 if you don’t have this key let Grace Mlady know so she can request it.  If you would like to visit the libraries mail room please let Grace Mlady know and she will be glad to take you on a tour.  MIT Mail Services guarantees mail delivery to all Departmental Mail Centers (DMCs) by 9 a.m.  This includes buildings  E53, E25, 10 and 7.  Nicole Hanafin will pre-sort mail by library department for 14E,N & S in the morning.  Mail should be ready for you to pick up by 9:30am.

Can't wait for the mail to be sorted due to important mail coming in? Please check the bin by the right side of the DMC door (room 14-0752) for the most recent incoming mail for the libraries in building 14. Check here for the code:

Sorting  Mis-directed mail you may receive should be returned through any Mail Services drop box on campus.  Mail for an employee who has moved on should go to their replacement or note “return to sender” and place in drop box.

Outgoing Mail Outgoing US, International & interdepartmental (including interlibrary) mail will now need to go into a Mail Services drop box.  Smaller packages will fit into the drop box as well.  See the attached Mails Services web site for box locations

US & International Mail Will require the libraries postage account #1607563 to be written in the top right corner of the envelope or package.  When you have multiple envelopes a post-it-note secured to all outgoing mail with a rubber band will work as well.

Packages Smaller packages will fit into the drop box. For larger packages Mail Services can, pick up and ship most items, see the Mails Services, USPS, FedEx & UPS web links below.

Techno-cycle and toner cartridge bins are located in DMC’s, see the attached Mails Services web site for DMC locations & lock combo.

Books, Journals, etc.  should be placed in desk side recycle bins.  For larger amounts submit a request through Atlas for a “96 gallon recycle totter”.  These are a no charge request.

Mail Services