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21L.006: American Literature: Home

Research guide for Wyn Kelley's section of American Literature

Getting grounded: looking up context, quick facts, biographies

The following links will take you to excellent sources of background information on people, places, terms, and trends.

Finding books: MIT Libraries catalog

Books are important to literary scholars, and can be important sources to help you get started. Collections of essays around individual authors often gather some recent criticism that can help you understand some of the trends that scholars have examined in relation to the author you're studying.

Barton: MIT Libraries' Catalog

Other tools

The tools below might help you deepen your understanding of some of the authors and texts you'll be reading and researching.

Digging deeper: Other places to look

The links below list research tools by subjects that may be relevant to your assignment. They may prove useful if the other links on this page haven't turned up much, or if you'd like to dive deeper into the research around your subject (for example, by searching for articles written by scholars in the field).

For subjects not listed below, see the complete list of subject guides

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More ways to get help

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Course links

Manage your references

Any of the these tools listed below can help you organize and cite your references. The Overview at the top of the list explains the strengths and weaknesses for each.