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Dissertations/Theses: MIT alumni - Nobel Prize winners

MIT alumni Nobel Prize winners

This list only includes alumni who completed a thesis or dissertation. Visit for a complete list of alumni winners.


Rainer Weiss, shared Physics Prize

PhD 1962, Stark effect and hyperfine structure of hydrogen fluoride

Michael Rosbash, shared Physiology or Medicine

PhD 1971, The membrane-associated protein synthesis of mammalian cells


Jean Tirole, Economic Sciences Prize

PhD 1981, Essays in economic theory


Robert J. Shiller, shared Economic Sciences Prize

SM 1968, Economic growth in post-war Germany

PhD 1972, Rational expectations and the structure of interest rates


Adam G. Riess, shared Physics Prize

SB 1992, General relativistic orbits of massive and massless particles around a black hole : computer simulations


Peter A. Diamond, shared Economic Sciences Prize

PhD 1963, Essays on optimal economic growth


Oliver E. Williamson, shared Economics Prize

SB 1955, A study in entrepreneurship, addressed to the prospective entrepreneur in Course 15


Paul R. Krugman, Economics Prize

PhD 1977, Essays on flexible exchange rates


Wei M. Hao, shared Peace Prize

SM 1981, Reactions of aflatoxin B1 with poly(dG-dC) .poly(dG-dC) and conformations of poly(dG-dC) .poly(dG-dC) modified by aflatoxin B1

SM 1979, Geochemistry of alkaline-earth elements in the Amazon River


George F. Smoot, shared Physics Prize

PhD 1971, Charge exchange of K⁺ on platinum at three GeV/c

SB 1966, Three pi-zero decay of the eta

Andrew Z. Fire, shared Physiology/Medicine Prize

PhD 1983, In vitro transcription studies of adenovirus


Robert J. Aumann, shared Economics Prize

PhD 1955, Asphericity of alternating linkages

SM 1952, On the dentistry of a certain set of primes


Kofi Annan, shared Peace Prize

SM 1972, International joint venture with a government partner case study: copper mining in Zambia

George A. Akerlof, shared Economics Prize

PhD 1966, Wages and capital

Joseph E. Stiglitz, shared Economics Prize

PhD 1966, Studies in the theory of economic growth and income distribution

Eric A. Cornell, shared Physics Prize

PhD 1990, Mass spectroscopy using single ion cyclotron resonance

Carl E. Wieman, shared Physics Prize

SB 1973, The study of sodium complexes in the excited state

Leland H. Hartwell, shared Medicine/Physiology Prize

PhD 1964, Studies on the induction of histidase in Bacillus subtilis


Robert A. Mundell, Economics Prize

PhD 1956, Essays in the theory of international capital movements


Robert B. Laughlin, shared Physics Prize

PhD 1979, The structure and excitations of amorphous solids and surfaces


William D. Phillips, shared Physics Prize

PhD 1976, I.The magnetic moment of the proton in H2O; II.Inelastic collisions in excited Na

Robert C. Merton, Economics Prize

PhD 1970, Analytical optimal control theory as applied to stochastic and non-stochastic economics


Henry W. Kendall, shared Physics Prize

PhD 1955, The first excited state of positronium

Elias J. Corey Jr., Chemistry Prize

PhD 1951, The synthesis of N,N-diacylamino acids and analogs of penicillin

SB 1948, The condensation of citraconic and maleic anhydrides with chloroprene and ethoxyprene


Sidney Altman, shared Chemistry Prize

SB 1960, Detection of electron polarization in beta decay by double electron scattering : (proof of the non-conservation of parity in beta decay)


Charles J. Pedersen, shared Chemistry Prize

SM 1927, Some properties of the unsaturated products of the vapor-phase cracking of petroleum


Lawrence R. Klein, Economics Prize

PhD 1944, The Keynesian revolution


Burton Richter, shared Physics Prize

PhD 1956, Photoproduction of positive pions from hydrogen by 265 Mev gamma rays

SB 1952, The quadratic Zeeman effect in hydrogen


John Robert Schrieffer, shared Physics Prize 

SB 1953, Multiplet separations in 3p and 3d electron atoms


Murray Gell-Mann, Physics Prize

PhD 1951, Coupling strength and nuclear reactions


Robert S. Mulliken, Chemistry Prize

SB 1917, The effect of structure on the activity of the hydroxyl group in alcohols


Richard P. Feynman, shared Physics Prize

SB 1939, Forces and stresses in molecules

Robert Burns Woodward, Chemistry Prize

PhD 1937, A synthetic attack on the oestrone problem

SB 1936, Preliminary studies in the synthesis of the polynuclear hydroaromatic ring systems


William Schockley, shared Physics Prize

PhD 1936, Electronic bands in sodium chloride