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Google Search Tips: Power Tips

Some useful search tips to remember


Operator Description Examples

Exact phrase search

  • Search for words in the order as typed.
  • Type double quotes at the beginning and end of the phrase.

"chemical engineering"

"10 smoots"

"futuristic world of science fiction"

"As you like it"


Exclude word(s) in the results

  • Type a minus sign before the word or phrase to exclude.
  • A space must be placed before the minus sign but not after it.


"Michelle Obama" -Barack -president

violin music  -concerto

Gehry -Stata

football -soccer -rugby


Restrict search to a particular domain or website

  • Search top level domains such as .edu, .org, .com, .gov, .net
  • Search within a specific country's domain.

Find volunteer opportunities in Boston at non-profit companies.

volunteering Boston

Find information from the MIT Libraries about Endnote.


Find information about chemical engineering degrees at MIT.

"degree requirements"

Find chemical engineering jobs in China.

"chemical engineering" jobs

Find a list of all the pages on the MIT Libraries website.

Power tips video from Tech Insider