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In light of the updated MIT Libraries’ vision, mission and values, and as we forge ahead with the development of strategic priorities, we want to ensure that the development and growth of all library staff are included among the top priorities of this organization.  We are writing to express our intention to review and expand the promotion process in the MIT Libraries beginning about one year from now.  Unfortunately, we cannot move any more quickly on this review for two major reasons:

  1. We cannot complete our own review until the ongoing review of MIT’s central compensation structure is completed, and
  2. We expect to restructure the libraries’ HR leadership in the coming year or so, and want to allow the new HR leadership to guide the review process, since they will be responsible for implementing it.  

Our goal will be to develop a fair and inclusive process focusing on the meaningful measurement of professional growth and achievement, without the burdensome process of the past.

Between now and the implementation of a new process we expect to have instances of librarians or archivists reaching a level of professional growth which by current standards would call for promotion consideration.  In those circumstances where we want to proceed without delay we will continue to use the current process, but with an eye toward simplification wherever possible.  Non-librarian or archivist staff advancement cases will be considered on a case-by-case basis, as they have been in the past.

As this academic year proceeds forward at a pace that sometimes feels relentless, we want to express our gratitude to all of you for your dedicated and diverse contributions to this organization.



Chris and Tracy


Chris Bourg, PhD (she/her/hers)                           

Director, MIT Libraries                                             

Reclassification Requests

For reclassification, Central HR at MIT has provided guidance on the process. The following documents will need to be submitted to when requesting a reclassification:

  1. The updated CV of the person being reclassed
  2. The original job description
  3. The updated job description
  4. A classification review form, available below.

Once these materials are complete, please place in one google doc and submit via link to the HR Transaction Request form.