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Performance Management and Salary Review: NEW! Colleague Feedback Form & Review Tips

Performance review process

Tips for Providing Feedback

  1. When reviewing a manager, refer to the Leadership Competencies [available below] as a benchmark.
  2. Feedback should be constructive, with a focus on helping employees improve their performance.
  3. Good feedback is concise (no more than two paragraphs) and specific.

Examples of colleague feedback:

Betty is a pleasure to work with; always ready to lend a helping hand or stop what she is doing to answer a question.  Her work on the migration project was excellent in that she kept the team to the timeline and did a terrific job ensuring everyone was aware of where we were in the project at all times, including any trouble we encountered.  One area of growth for Betty would be learning some project management tools, which would allow her to streamline communications to the team during a project.


  • Fred truly cares about our users and that is evident in the interactions he has with anyone who enters our library.
  • Fred could better serve our community by ensuring that his understanding of research methods is up to date.