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Office of the Director: Library Council

Library Council

Library Council is on Hiatus for AY20

Library Council is a standing committee consisting of the Libraries' Associate Directors and Department Heads, and chaired by the Director of Libraries. It advises the Director of Libraries on major program and administrative policy issues, and participates in long-range planning and budget formulation. Library Council also provides a forum for interdepartmental communications.

Wiki: Membership, agendas, minutes, etc.



  • Chris Bourg, Director of Libraries
  • Greg Eow, Associate Director for Collections
  • Pat Flanagan, Interim Associate Director for Academic and Community Engagement
  • Tracy Gabridge, Deputy Director, Administrative Services
  • Sue Kriegsman, Deputy Director, CREOS
  • Kaija Langley, Director of Development
  • Heather Yager, Associate Director for Digital Library Services

Department Heads:

  • Mohamed El Ouirdi, Head, Information Technology Services
  • Ellen Finnie, Head, Scholarly Communications and Collections Strategy
  • Emilie Hardman, Interim Head, Institute Archives & Special Collections
  • Kim Maxwell, Head, Acquisitions and Appraisal
  • Karrie Peterson, Head, Liaison, Instruction & Reference Services
  • Christine Quirion, Head, Technology Planning, Integration & Experience
  • Howard Silver, Head, Data and Specialized Services
  • Felicity Walsh, Head, Information Delivery & Library Access

Ex Officio Member(s)

  • Ashley Clark, Staff Advisory Council Co-Chair, Access Services Assistant
  • Grace Kindeke, CPDI Co-Chair, Administrative Assistant
  • Nina Davis-Millis, Director, Community Engagement Program
  • Brigham Fay, Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Nancy McGovern, Director, Digital Preservation
  • Yashu Kauffman, Assessment Program Manager
  • Stephanie Toews Moeling, Director of Finance and Administration
  • Rachael Weisz, Director of Human Resources

Term Members

  • Martina Anderson, E-Resources Associate, Acquisitions and Appraisal, Term Member, FY19
  • Rhonda Kauffman, Metadata Librarian, Metadata and Digital Collections Services, Term Member FY19
  • Julia Lanigan, Collections and Administrative Assistant, Scholarly Communications and Collections Strategy, Term Member FY19

Staff to Committee

  • Shannon Hunt, Executive Assistant, Staff to the Library Council

Meeting schedule:
First Wednesday of each month, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 am

Email list: