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Curation and Preservation Services: Music acquisitions and gifts

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Music acquisitions and gifts

Many music composers alive today, including those who teach or work at MIT, produce their scores using computer software.This gives the composer a range of options in formatting the pages before they are printed.

Formatting decisions the composer makes have an impact on the the MIT Libraries' ability to bind, shelve, circulate, and preserve the score. When the Libraries acquire these scores, either through purchase or as a gift from the composer, we follow these guidelines:

  • For a score of 50 total pages or fewer, please provide a single-sided print-out on any type of white paper. CPS staff will reformat these pages into a usable score.
  • For a score of more than 50 total pages, please provide a PDF file. Music Library staff will be in touch with CPS staff to format and print the score to library specifications.
  • If at all possible, please mirror the margins. This makes the inner margin slightly larger and alternates left and right inner margins so that we can bind the pages double-sided.  The extra space makes it easier for us to set up the piece for binding and makes it easier for performers to use.