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Cataloging and Metadata: Home

About This Guide

Welcome to this guide on Cataloging and Metadata.

If you have a question and are not sure who to contact, please send your question to or


Nina Davis-Millis Co-Head for Metadata and Enterprise Systems
14E-210, 617-253-5652,

Benjamin Abrahamse Cataloging Coordinator
14E-210, 617-253-7137,

Beth Brennan Metadata Systems Librarian
14E-210, 617-253-0706,

Jennifer Edwards Senior Cataloging/Metadata Librarian
14E-210, 617-253-8436,

Robert Hall MIT Publications Cataloging Associate
14E-210, 617-253-0665,

Katherine Hamilton Metadata Production Associate
14E-210, 617-253-0615, khamilto@mit/edu

Mikki Macdonald Metadata Archivist
14N-118, 617-253-7146,

Jane Marcus Metadata Maintenance Assistant
14E-210, 617-253-5656,

Sara Meyers Metadata Quality Assurance Associate
14E-210, 617-253-0643,

Walter Powers Metadata Production and E-Resources Associate
14E-210, 617-253-0600,

Todd Rautenberg Metadata Production Associate
14E-210, 617-452-3848,

Daniel Saulean Cataloging/Metadata Librarian
14E-210, 617-253-0605,

Gordon Thomas Metadata Production Associate
14E-210, 617-253-0695,

Robert Wolfe Metadata Specialist
14E-210, 617-253-0604,

Mary Jeanne Yuen Metadata Production Associate
14E-210, 617-253-0697,