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Gifts: Processing of Non-Western Language Books

Processing of Non-Western Language Books (Arabic, Japanese, Farsi, etc.)

Revised for R2IT Recommendations

(Last reviewed March 2011)


Books in languages that read right to left should be processed in the opposite manner of Western language books, which read left to right:

  • The title page is in what we think of as the “back” of the book.  Find the title page and property-stamp on the verso.
  • Top-edge stamp the book with the name of the Divisional Library.
  • Bookplate, when appropriate, should be affixed to the inside of the BACK cover.
  • Barcode placement will be the same as for Western Language books, holding the book as you do for Western Language books:
Cloth – affix a single barcode to the upper left corner, no more than 1” from the top edge and no more than 3” from the left
Paper – affix a piggyback barcode inside the back cover, 1” from the top and centered.