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Gifts: Replacement gift copies

Replacement Gifts Copies

(Last Revised 10/27/11 C. Follett)


When a patron loses a book, they have the option of paying us the cost of the book plus a replacement fee OR they can supply a copy of the book.  If they decide to provide a replacement copy, please follow these steps before sending the book to the Gifts Office:


  • Fill out a gift/TBC (To Be Cataloged) to accompany the piece:

    • Add a note in the space for Cataloging Instructions: 

      Patron Repl; Delete <barcode number>

  • Count on your monthly Anonymous statistics
  • Send the piece to the Gifts Office, Rm.14E-210


Gifts /Monograph Acquisitions Staff

  • Count the piece on “Donations Accepted” statistics
  • Property stamp, date due stamp, and affix appropriate barcode
  • Put the piece on the truck for cataloging