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Emergency Reporting for Public Web Site: Home

How to report a problem with the Libraries' public web site or other centralized services

To report a problem with the public web site or other networked resource

  • During work hours, call ITDS at 3-1617. If no one answers, leave a message and then send email to fix-lib.
  • At night, on a weekend or a holiday.
    1. See if you are able to connect on a different computer. If you are, the problem is most likely with the particular computer you are trying to connect from.
      • If the problem is with a Libraries' computer, send email to fix-lib.
      • If you are helping a library user with their own computer, ask them to contact their ISP or the Computing Help Desk at
    2. If you are not able to connect from a different computer, the problem is most likely at our end. In this case, call Hayden Circ. at 3-5672.
      • Hayden staff will send email to fix-lib.
      • ITDS staff will send updates to all-lib as appropriate.

    Note: If LibGuides is down or has any issues, please email