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Lewis Music Library Student Manual: Student Training Checklist

New student training checklist

  • Tour of library with Nina
  • Add to email list ( for summer students)
    • Explain list use
    • Getting sub for a shift
  • Panic button/Emergency procedures
  • Emergency exit key (alarm)
  • Emergency React Pack
  • Check in/Check out (Loan/Return)
  • Circulation policies
  • Overview of call number systems
  • Aleph password
  • musiclib mailing list
  • Getting a sub for your shift
  • Payroll/time sheets
  • Retrieving CDs/LPs/Vcas/Vdis
  • Retrieving reserve materials
  • Headphones and music stands
  • Loan periods
  • Cassettes
  • Telephone, including HOLD and TRANSFER
  • Directional questions
  • Reference questions
  • Reference forms
  • Service desk statistics
  • Renewals (in person; by phone)
  • Searches
  • Shelving Books/Scores/CDs/LPs/Videos
  • Paying overdue fines
  • Replacement charges for lost items
  • Find/Update Patron Record
  • Link new ID to existing patron record
  • No patron record in Aleph
  • Expired patron record
  • Change standard due date
  • Call number card test
  • Opening procedures
  • Closing procedures
  • Manual circulation
  • Manual statistics
  • Holds
  • Library Storage Annex (LSA) requests
  • Library Storage Annex (LSA) circulation
  • Unbarcoded items
  • Missing searches
  • Routing items to other libraries
  • Photocopier/scanner
  • Shelf reading
  • Downtime forms computer program
  • Chair lift
  • Logging into Windows Vista
  • BookPage
  • LPs from LSA
  • Special music faculty loans for Media
  • ILB requests for items not at MIT
  • Unattended bags and laptops
  • Food & drink policy
  • Declared Lost items
  • Printer paper/Supplies drawer


Need Help?

For Help, contact:

  • Audio Lab, listening equipment, music software on the iMacs: leave a note or e-mail Forrest
  • Binding and repair things or ordering questions: ask Cate
  • Circulation, Reserves, student schedule and payroll: Cate
  • Bigger problems: contact Nina
  • Really an Emergency: still let Nina know

If there is a question of Lewis Music Library policies, it may be documented in this guide. You may also call Cate, Forrest or Nina at the numbers below. Never feel that you need to argue with patrons about our policies. Use e-mail if you just want to tell us about something.

  • Nina:
    c 617-791-0961
    MIT  x3-5636
  • Forrest:
    h 401-728-0838
    MIT x3-0982
  • Cate:
    c 617-767-4142
    MIT x3-7389