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Lewis Music Library Student Manual: Hayden Construction Contingency Procedures

Information for Lewis student workers during Hayden construction

We expect Lewis’s operations to continue uninterrupted during construction, but it’s always wise to be prepared for surprises.  Here’s what you should do in case of unforeseen interruptions (such as power outage, burst pipes, extreme vibration or noise, or air quality issues):

  • In an emergency, follow whatever instructions are given by Campus Police, Fire Department, Facilities, or other emergency personnel.  Once you are safe, contact me (Nina).  Call or text me at 617-791-0961, or send me a message via Slack.
  • If it is not an emergency but conditions do not permit you or others to work comfortably, also contact Nina as above.  I will determine whether we need to close.
  • If conditions are bad enough to warrant closing, you will still get paid for the hours you were scheduled to work.
  • If conditions are not comfortable for you but not bad enough to close, you may leave as soon as you locate a sub.  For a double-staffed shift, one of you may leave if the other feels OK about staying.  In this situation you will only be paid for hours actually worked.