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MARC Cataloging: E-Journals, Vera, and SFX

E-Journals and E-Serials

Vera & FilemakerPro


There are several places currently where information can be found for SFX.

SFX and Metalib libguide

Sercat website

Sercat wiki

Digital Resources Acquisitions wiki

SFX Staff Guide / SFX Project Team  (old site from Libraries Staff Web)

SFX FAQ (Libraries public website)


MARCit! is an SFX service that provides MARC records for activated journal and serial titles in our SFX database. The records are from the CONSER database; SFX provides brief records based on SFX data for any titles without records.

We are using this service to provide records for titles in aggregator databases and free ejournal collections. We are currently working on a workflow to new, changed, and deleted records on a regular basis.  See the MARCit! Project wiki for more information.

Those involved in this project include:

  • Beth Brennan
  • Jennifer Edwards
  • Christine Moulen
  • Walter Powers