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MARC Cataloging: Working in Aleph, OCLC, etc.

Working in Aleph

How To:

"Bound-withs" (mono doc wiki)

Continuations: editing the bibliographic record (mono doc wiki)

Decisions made during migration to Aleph

  • MCM in the 852 field
  • 793s

Deleting "cancelled" items (policy / mono doc wiki)

Deleting item records (policy / mono doc wiki)

Local Definitions of 59x and 9xx Fields

SFX Button overrides in Serial Records

  • To use URLs in record instead of SFX-supplied URL/menu:
    • 856 40  $1 blockSFX  [that's a number one]
  • To force serial record to display more than one button:
    • in last URL (856 or 956 but not getURL)
    • 856 40  $1 multibutton  [that's a number one]
    • label each URL with $z
  • For journals with 856 and 956 MARCit URLs, SFX takes 856 as first one and doesn't show menu
    • Suppress the 856 by changing to 856 49