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MARC Cataloging: E-Books

E-Books Packages

A summary table showing the cataloging status of MIT collection sets and monographic series is available. Click on a title in the table to get more detailed information about the package (stored on the Mono Doc wiki).

Or find details about a particular collection set or monographic series through these pages on the Mono Doc wiki:

Single-Order E-Books

Cataloging of E-books

E-books wiki 

PCC / BIBCO Provider-Neutral E-Monograph MARC Record Guide (PDF, 415 KB)

Notes about processing Ebooks packages

When a new package is received, preference for source of records is:

  1. OCLC Collection set
  2. MARC records from vendor ; if quality is not good, or do not have OCLC numbers, extract ISBNs and other useful information and use Z39.50 searching via MarcEdit to create a custom record set; Edit in MarcEdit and forward set to Beth for loading.
  3. Manually catalog via Connexion.

Processing notes

  • When there is a duplicate Books24x7 record, transfer the Books24x7 link, 956 get URL, and the 035 (Books24x7) number to the preferred OCLC record.  Then delete/remove the Books24x7 record from Barton.
  • When there is a duplicate EPDA record with order attached, merge per usual procedure.
  • When there is a duplicate EPDA Discovery Record (not activated yet), delete the record (CTRL-R) entirely from Barton.

Editing in MarcEdit

  • Add tags 956 get URL (if available) and 949 $a n
  • Can add tags only to records that don't already have tag (e.g. 006, 007)
  • Delete unwanted tags such as 029, 948, 952, 994, 938, Hathitrust fields: 506, 533, 583, HT 588s only
  • Use Reports / Field Count to check tags