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MARC Cataloging: Guidelines For Discarding Serials Directly

Guidelines For Direct Discard of Serials

Clearly mark items to be directly discarded TRASH; place where public has no access (e.g., covered dumpster). Notify Serials Cataloging via Serform when discard affects holdings statement. Count items for statistics ("DISCARDED DIRECTLY"). Send items with salability or security questions through regular discard procedures; do not discard direct 0255 (government-depository) items; see gov doc procedure.


  1. Weekly and bi-weekly
  2. Current Contents types
  3. Newsy ones, outdated quickly
  4. Less than one volume in run
  5. Reprints of journal articles
  6. Congressional Record, Federal Register unless 0255 copy
  7. unbound newspapers

Other serials

  1. Looseleaf services*
  2. College catalogs
  3. Non-MIT alumni bulletins
  4. Annual reports of companies and institutes
  5. Abstracts and indexes of journal literature for less than 1 year
  6. Non-MIT technical reports done on government contract. (Usually issued by universities and military or defense research labs; identifiable by report/contract number on cover.*)
  7. Non-MIT working papers*
  8. Mimeographed UN documents

Publications identified "for limited distribution only"

Mutilated or very worn items

*Don't discard directly if cataloged as a monograph or analyzed as series; follow usual discard procedure.