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MARC Cataloging: Items and Holdings Overview

Items and Holdings Overview

Items and Holdings Overview

Items: For more information on Specific procedures, please see our Item Records section

  • Item records (or items) are where much information about a particular item in our collection is displayed. For instance, you can find and edit:
    • the owning library
    • the date it was received
    • the item process status
    • the item description
    • and much more.
  • Please see Modifying Item Information and Item Descriptions for more specifics about the item records.

Holdings: For more information on specific procedures, please see our Holdings section

  • Holdings records: contains the information mentioned below as well as owning library, call number, and collection information, and can be linked and unlinked from individual items as well as subscription records. Please see Kim Maxwell's documentation for more information.
  • Summary holdings statements: (subfield a) for serials and journals, this statement describes the volumes held by a library. NOTE: Only Cataloging staff are allowed to alter summary holdings statements in any way. Examples:
    • v.4 (1978)-
      • This indicates open holdings, or that we are still receiving the title
    • v.1 (1981)-v.21 (2001)
      • This indicates closed holdings, or that we are no longer receiving the title. It is important to note that this could signal a title change (this information can be found in the bib record as a "Continued by" note).
  • Holdings notes: (subfield x and z) space for public and non-public notes about the retention or location of a title. Please be sure to check with your supervisor and/or Cataloging before adding a new statement. Although local Processing staff can edit these notes, the Cataloging departments do have the final word on what is allowed to be entered into that subfield. Examples:
    • Latest 20 years in Barker, earlier at RSC
    • Beginning with July/Aug. 2003, shelved under: XYZ
      • This would be used when a minor title change is applied to a journal in a library that does not class their journals.