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MARC Cataloging: Moving Orders and Items

Moving Orders and Items

This document describes the procedure for moving an order record and its linked barcoded item from a brief record created by acquisitions to a fully cataloged bibliographic record. The moved item is updated and linked to the holding record. The brief bib record is deleted from the server; if the order was monographic, MonoAcq is notified (see step 10).

  1. In the OPAC module, wand in the barcode; the brief record will appear.

  2. Add to Nav. Map.

  3. If this is a monographic order, make a printout now of the brief bib record created in the order process, with the left window expanded to show the order number.

  4. Search for the full bib record in the OPAC.

  5. Add to Nav. Map.; now both brief and full records are on the Nav. Map.

  6. Display each bib's attached ADM and HOL records by clicking the '+' boxes.

  7. In the left window of the Nav. Map, drag the brief record's Order number and drop it on the full bib record's ORDERS box. In this one move, both the order and the attached item move to the full bib's ADM record.
  8. When the order and item are successfully moved, the 'Create move request - Status' window pops up. Click OK, and the box disappears.

  9. The item is now linked to the full bib's ADM record. It is not yet linked to the HOL record. To establish the HOL link, push the record to the ITEMS module by clicking the "Items" button on the nav map. In the ITEMS module, highlight the item you moved; choose "Retrieve HOL"; make sure the correct HOL record is highlighted; choose "Link to item." Now the call number and location fields will be filled in. Follow standard procedures to update the item's material type (if necessary), enumeration, and chronology.
  10. For monographicorders:
    1. Only make printouts for orders that do not have specific volume information in the LIBRARY NOTES field of the order record, e.g. "SEE ORDER LOG FOR CAT/PROC NOTES" or "OTHERS AVAILABLE".
    2. Make TWO printouts:
      1. the printout you made in step 3 of the brief bib record created in the order process, with the left window expanded to show the order number
      2. the full bib record to which the item and order are now attached.
  11. For both serial and monographic orders: in the cataloging module, delete the brief bib record from the server. You have to delete the ADM record first in order to do so. quick tip: <Ctrl>+R shortcut
  12. For monographic orders: leave the printouts in the basket labeled "Arnie & BAS." It's on the bookshelf between Debbie and Charlene.