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MARC Cataloging: "Bound With" Items

"Bound With" Items

This document illustrates linking a single item of type ISSUE to two bib records. To create this type of "bound with" in ALEPH, a special linking field, LKR, is used. Other uses of the LKR field are discussed in the ALEPH Cataloging Training manual, Tab 5 ("Cataloging Training"), page 30 ("Special Fields").

Create the item and the LKR field

  1. For ease of navigation, start in the OPAC module. Add both titles to the nav. map, with the earlier title on top.
  2. Highlight the first title on the nav. map, and click on "Items". Create an item record for the bound-together piece.

  3. Return to the OPAC. Highlight the second title on the nav. map, and click on "Catalog BIB".
  4. In the cataloging module, add the LKR field to the second title. Be sure to save all your work to the server.

    • ‡a : type of link : ITM for item
    • ‡b : system number of the linked ADM record (usually, but not necessarily, the same sys no. as the bib record)
    • ‡i : issue : exactly what you entered for Enum.level.2 in the item record; if your item has no 2nd level of enumeration (like in the example), do not include this subfield
    • ‡l : library : always MIT50 (MIT Admin)
    • ‡v : volume (Enum.level.1)
    • ‡y : year (Chron.level.1)

Check your work

The linked item will display correctly in the Web OPAC. In the staff client, there is only one place that displays the linked item correctly:

  1. In the staff OPAC, call up the later title.
  2. On the first tab of the display ("Full+Link"), highlight "Holdings -- All Items."

  3. Click on the "Items" button. The linked item will display.