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MARC Cataloging: Moving Items: Single Record

Moving Items: single Record

This document describes the procedure for moving an item from one HOL record to another (e.g. STACKS to REF, or ENG to RSC) on the same bib record, assuming both HOL records have already been constructed, and all locations are permanent. Screenshots in the example show STACKS to REF.

  1. Call up record in OPAC.
  2. When record is found, click on "add to nav. map".

  3. Click on "items" on the right side of the screen to open up the item list.
  4. Highlight the item that you want to change.

  5. Click on "retrieve HOL" (a new window pops up called "list of holdings records"; your chosen item's HOL will be highlighted).

  6. In the righthand box, click on "unlink item".
  7. Highlight the new HOL record, and click on "link to item".

  8. The item list will refresh, and the item will now be linked to the new holdings record.

  9. If the loan period is incorrect under the new HOL record, "modify" the item and change the item status.