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MARC Cataloging: Deleting and Adding Holdings Records for Transfers

Deleting and Adding Holdings Records for Transfers

Here is a serial record with 3 holdings locations: ENG/STACK, NET, and LSA/OCC. Both ENG and LSA have items attached to them, as you can see by the “+” sign.


When you click on the both holdings records you can see that the ENG holding record has a summary holding statement in the 866 $a and the LSA holding record does not have an 866 $a (i.e. no holding statement)


In this scenario, you want to transfer all remaining items from ENG to LSA, from the item list below.


Following your usual method of moving items, the item list now looks like this:


Now your ENG/STACK holding record does not have any items attached to it, as all items are now attached to the LSA/OCC holding record (note the lack of the “+” sign next to ENG/STACK).


Now that your items are linked to the LSA/OCC record, you can go ahead and delete the ENG/STACK holding record even though it has a summary holding statement because all items are now in LSA/OCC. Bring up the ENG/STACK holding record and depress ‘Ctrl R' and follow the prompts to delete the record.


However, the LSA/OCC holding record does not have a holding statement (the 866 $a), and you must add one to the holding record.


To add the 866 $a, place your cursor over the 852 field, depress the F5 function key, which will let you open a new field. Scroll down to the 866 field.


Either double click on the highlighted 866 field or click “OK”, and the 866 will be added to the holding record.


Now type in your holding statement in the 866 $a field and save to server (Ctrl L).


You have now moved all items from the ENG/STACK holding record to the LSA/OCC, deleted the ENG/STACK holding record, and added a holding statement to the LSA/OCC holding record.