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MARC Cataloging: Using the "Duplicate" Function To Create A New Holdings Record

Using the "Duplicate" Function To Create A New Holdings Record

This procedure details how to add a new holding record using the "duplicate record" feature. There are other ways to add a holding record (e.g. using the "add record" feature along with the "expand from template" feature), but until we have a way to share templates, we will use the "duplicate record" method detailed below.

    1. Call up bibliographic (MIT01) record in cat module.
    2. Select record.
    3. Load the HOL record(s) from the server using the the File drop down menu or <Ctrl>+O; the "Holdings list" window pops up. (Note: The "Holdings list" can also be summoned using the "Catalog HOL" function in the OPAC Nav. Map, or the "Retrieve HOL" function on an Item list in the Items module.)

  1. Highlight an existing holding record to duplicate.
  2. Click on "Edit" to open this holding record.

  3. From the File drop down menu, click on "Duplicate record".

  4. The "select library" window pops up; select "MIT60 - MIT HOL (ALA)"; click "OK".

  5. The record that was duplicated pops up; edit the record to create your new holding record. (All fields are retained, including the LDR/008.) Subfields in the 852 and 866 fields can be changed or added, and the 866 field itself can be deleted if a summary holding statement is not required for the new holding record.

  6. "Save on server and local drive", and your new holding record will have been added.