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MARC Cataloging: Local Definitions of 59x and 9xx Fields

Field 599 (Differentiable Local Note)

598 BB Box barcode 
599 BB System number for record overlay
599 B0 For holdings see: (barcode numbers for Title IIC 1986 project, including Div. Lib. locations
599 00 MIT thesis supervisor note
599 01 Thesis keywords
599 02 Electronic journal note
599 03 Rare collection
599 04 Receipt history record note
599 05 Cataloging note for Acquisition use
599 06 ILB number and lending library
599 07 Precat non-roman language code
599 08 Notes for Chomsky collection
599 10 Donor note
599 11 Flag to prevent pre-check SFX button from appearing on records without a URL but has false positive
Text in |a: nobutton
599 83
Cataloging treatment
[currently used by Serials only to generate note in brief display, e.g. "OTHER VOLS: Cataloged separately after vol. for 1984"]

9XX Fields (Local Information Fields)

910 Cataloger initials & date cataloged (yymmdd)
936 OCLC defined: Dates or volume designation of last issue consulted
938 OCLC-defined field for vendor information supplied by OCLC: used to support PromptCat and Prism Selection Services
949 Holdings
949 99 Serials holdings [obsolete: usage in GLIS only; some may still exist in BARTON]
Defined by Yankee Book Peddlar for GOBI records
994 OCLC USE ONLYL: Holding library code and OCLC Institution symbol; code for "update", "replace"