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MARC Cataloging: Cataloging using MarcEdit / Z39.50


This is a quick summary of the steps involved in cataloging using MarcEdit and Notepad++. I will flesh this out to include a step-by-step process for creating the search files and editing MARC records in the near future.

  1. Create search .txt file first in Excel, then edit in Notepad++, using ISBNs, Titles, or OCLC numbers
  2. In MarcEdit, choose Z39.50 to search OCLC for records
  3. In MarcEdit, choose Tools / Export Tab Delimited Records to extract information to select records (if searching by OCLC numbers, skip to 7.)
  4. In Excel, open extracts .txt file and scan and select desired records
  5. Copy OCLC numbers and create another search .txt file in Excel, then edit in Notepad++
  6. In MarcEdit, choose Z39.50 to search OCLC
  7. In MarcEdit, choose MarcEditor to open file
  8. Edit records
  9. When done, choose File / Compile File into MARC
  10. Send to Beth for loading