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5.35 Introduction to Experimental Chemistry : Bibliography example

What to use

A Few Examples from the ACS Style Guide

  • Book 
    • One author:   Bersuker, I. B.Electronic Strucutre and Properties of transition Metal Compounds: Introduction to the Theory; Wiley & Sons: New York, 1996, Chapter 6. 
    • Two or more authors:   Dresselhaus, M. S.; Dresselhaus, G.; Eklund, P.C. Science of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes; Academic Press: New York, 1996; pp. 126-141. 
    • Institution, association as author:   American Society of Brewing Chemists. Methods of Analysis, 8th ed.; St Paul, MN, 1992. 
    • Editor or compiler:   Adams, M. R.; Garton, A. Far-Ultraviolet Degradation of Selected Polymers. In Polymer Durability: Degration, Stabilization, and Lifetime Prediction; Clogh, R. L., Billingham, N.C., Gillen, K. T., Eds; Advances in Chemistry Series 249; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1996; pp. 139-158.  
  • Conference Proceeding:  
    • Garrone, E.; Ugliengo, P. In Structure and Reactivity of Surfaces, Proceedings of the European Conference, Trieste, Italy, Sept 12-20, 1988; Zecchina, A., Costa, G., Morterra, C., Eds.; Elsevier: Amsterdam, 1988. 
  • Journal Article: 
    • Rouhi, A. M. Chem. Eng. News 1996, 74(33), 37-42.
    • Langer, R. New Methods of Drug Delivery. Science 1990, 249, 1527-1533.

For more examples refer to the ACS style guide: effective communication of scientific information edited by Anne M. Coghill and Lorrin R. Garson, 3rd ed.; American Chemical Society: Washington, D.C., 2006. Chapter 14.
Also in  Science Reference Collection: QD8.5.A25 2006

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