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International Monetary Fund (IMF) Data: Home

IMF data series

Looking for statistical data from the IMF?  In addition to what you can get on the Data and Statistics section of the IMF web site, the MIT subscribes directly to:

Via Global Insight, we have access to:

To access IMF data through Global Insight (see also screenshot below):

  • Go to
  • Select DataInsight-Web from the menu at left.
  • From the left-hand menu, select Historical > Global Economy.
  • Under the "Available Criteria" pane, select "Concept." You should see "International Monetary Fund" as one of the Concept choices with an expandable menu tree that points to IFS, BOPS, or DOTS.
  • Expand the menu tree as needed and check the boxes beside desired concepts to add one or more to the Selected Criteria pane at right.
  • Click the Green "GO" button to see available data series in the bottom pane (note, may need to wait some time for all available series to view; wait until the number of matches appears, as in the example below; note that the system can show only 25 results per screen).
  • Use the "Geography" menu under "Available Criteria" to further limit series by country, and/or use the blue Frequency button to limit by frequency, if desired.  Select "Go" again to view available series in the bottom pane.
  • Click on any series in the bottom pane to highlight it for saving/exporting.  Ctrl-click or shift-click to select multiple series or choose Export All if desired.

Global Insight

Screenshot of Global Insight interface

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