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MARC Cataloging: Codes for 946 $a and $m

946 $a

The presence of a 946 $a will automatically separate records out from the OCLC load to a separate holding file (e.g. .XAX)

This field / subfield is non-repeatable, not required, variable field, indicators: B,B

   Code    Purpose
      a    AsiaLink
      c CORC
      d Re-attaching holdings for accidentally deleted records
      e ExLibris testing
      f    Foreign language TechPro
      g GIS via CORC project
      n Non-Roman and other outsourcing projects
      o O-Reilly/Safari e-books set
      r Rush books during downtime (Tech Reports and Theses too)
      s Site search from CORC (ACM)
      t TechPro 

946 $m (Project Identifier)

The 946 $m is used to mark records within a collection so that the records can be easily retrieved. It is used primarily to tag records for individual books with e-books packages, but has also been used for other project collections. To find all the records for a particular collection in Aleph, use the keyword index WPI (project identifier); case does not matter.

This field / subfield is repeatable, not required, variable field, indicators: B,B

This table shows all codes currently being used.

Project Code  Project Name
AAPG AAPG databases
ACLS ACLS occasional paper
ACM ACM Digital Library. Conference proceedings
ACS ACS symposium series
ACSArchive ACS symposium series. Archive collection   
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers [ASCE] Ebooks and Standards
Adelaide University of Adelaide Press
Adelphi Adelphi papers
AIP-Proceedings AIP conference proceedings
American Song American song (ASP)
AMS Memoirs Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society
Annals Annals of the ICRP
ArtArchVideo Art and architecture in video (ASP)
AsiaLit South and Southeast Asian literature in English (ASP)
ASMEConf ASME Conference proceedings
AstronomicalSociety Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series
bdpda Borrow Direct PDA
Berkeley Berkeley Linguistics Society. Proceedings
Building Building issues
CaribbeanLit Caribbean literature (ASP)
chemlibnet CRCnetBASE. CHEMLIBnetBASE
ClassicalMusic Classical Music Library (ASP)
ClassicalScores Classical Scores Library (ASP)
Cognet MIT Cognet
ContemporaryMath Contemporary mathematics
CQPress CQ Press. Political reference suite
crcnet CRCnetBASE (for active titles not in purchased subject collections)
Credo Credo reference
EAS EAS publications series
EBL EBL (Ebook Library) (GOBI orders)
ebrary ebrary (GOBI orders)
EBSCOhost EBSCOhost (GOBI orders)
EBSCOhost eaudio EBSCOhost E-Audiobooks
ECCO Eighteenth Century Collection Online
EEBO Early English Books Online
Elsevier Elsevier e-books
ElsevierGOBI Science Direct (GOBI firm orders)
engnet CRCnetBASE. ENGnetBASE
environet CRCnetBASE. ENVIROnetBASE
epda Discovery records for epda pilots (epda-disc)
ESM Econometric Society monographs
FedBankBoston Federal Reserve Bank of Boston working papers
Filmmakers Filmakers Library Online
GlobalSound Smithsonian global sound (ASP)
GSA-Field Geological Society of America field guides
GSA-Geology Reviews in engineering geology
GSA-Memoirs Geological Society of America memoirs
GSA-Papers Geological Society of America special papers
GS-Engineering Engineering geology special publications
GS-Memoirs Geological Society of London memoirs
GS-Petroleum Petroleum geology conference series
GS-Special Geological Society of London special publications
GVRL Gale Virtual Reference Library
HenryBio Henry Stewart Talks. Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection
hrw, hrw-e Human Rights Watch
HUP Harvard University Press
IAEA IAEA publications
IAU International Astronomical Union. Symposia proceedings
IEEE Xplore Books IEEE-Wiley e-books
IEEE IEEE Xplore conference proceedings
IFPRI IFPRI publications
IMF International Monetary Fund eLibrary
Infobase Optics Infobase
IOP IOP (Institute of Physics) e-books
JazzMusic Jazz Music Library (ASP)
JNCI-Monographs Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Monographs
Knovel Knovel
LGBT LGBT studies in video (ASP)
m Q records for Rotch maps
materialsnet CRCnetBASE. MATERIALSnetBASE
mathnet CRCnetBASE. MATHnetBASE
MIT Press MITPress ebooks
Momentum Momentum Press ebooks
MRS MRS Online Proceedings Library
nanonet CRCnetBASE. NANOnetBASE
NAP National Academies Press
NBER NBER working papers
NBS National Bureau of Standards monographs
NewWorldCinema New World Cinema (ASP)
NuclearPhysicsB Nuclear physics B. Proceedings supplements
OECD OECD iLibrary
OHO-Archaeology Oxford Handbooks Online. Archaeology
OHO-Business Oxford Handbooks Online. Business and management
OHO-History Oxford Handbooks Online. History
OHO-Philosophy Oxford Handbooks Online. Philosophy

Oxford Handbooks Online. Political Science 

Open Access Ebook

For miscellaneous open access ebooks

OperaVideo Opera in video (ASP)
OSO-Ling Oxford Scholarship Online. Linguistics collection
OSO-Neuro Oxford Scholarship Online. Neuroscience collection
OSO-Phil Oxford Scholarship Online. Philosophy collection
OSO-Psych Oxford Scholarship Online. Psychology collection
OSO-PublicHealth Oxford Scholarship Online. Public health and epidemiology
OxfordRef Oxford Reference Online
PastMasters Past Masters
Physica-C Physica status solidi C
RAND RAND Corporation publications
RSC Royal Society of Chemistry e-books
Safari Safari Technical Books Online. O-Reilly books only
Sage Sage e-books (GOBI / DDA)
SIAM SIAM e-books
SocMathFrance Memoires de la Societe Mathematique de France
SPIEBooks SPIE e-books
SPIEProc SPIE conference proceedings
SpringerArchitectureDesign Springer eBooks Package. Architecture & Design
SpringerBehavioralScience Springer eBooks Package. Behavioral Science
SpringerBiomedicalAndLifeScience Springer eBooks Package. Biomedical and Life Sciences
SpringerBusinessAndEconomics Springer eBooks Package. Business and Economics
SpringerChemistryMaterialScience Springer eBooks Package. Chemistry and Materials Science
SpringerComputerScience Springer eBooks Package. Computer Science
SpringerEarthAndEnvironmentalScience Springer eBooks Package. Earth & Environmental Science
SpringerEngineering Springer eBooks Package. Engineering
SpringerHumanitiesSocialScienceAndLaw Springer eBooks Package. Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law
SpringerMathematics Springer eBooks Package. Mathematics & Statistics
SpringerMedicine Springer eBooks Package. Medicine
SpringerPhysicsAndAstronomy Springer eBooks Package. Physics and Astronomy
SpringerProfessionalComputingAndWebDesign Springer eBooks Package. Professional & Applied Computing
SpringerProtocols Springer Protocols
StatRef Stat!Ref
SymposiaAppliedMath Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics
SymposiaPureMath Proceedings of Symposia of Pure Mathematics
SynthesisFour Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science. Collection IV
SynthesisOne Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science. Collection I
SynthesisThree Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science. Collection III
SynthesisTwo Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science. Collection II
Wiley Wiley (GOBI firm orders / DDA)
WileyLincoln Wiley (GOBI orders paid by Lincoln Lab)
WIO Water Intelligence Online
WomenInternational Women and social movement international (ASP)
WomenWriters Women Writers Online
Woodhead Woodhead. Complete Energy and Environmental Technology Collection
WorldBank-Books World Bank eLibrary. Books
WorldBank-Papers World Bank eLibrary. Policy research working papers
WorldScientific World Scientific Publishing (GOBI single orders)
WorldScientificChem World Scientific Publishing. Chemistry collection