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Course Reserves & TIP FAQ: TIP & reserves submission

Information about the Libraries' course reserves service and MIT's TIP (Textbook Information Provisioning) service

COVID-19 Reserves Update

Because of the unprecedented disruption of COVID-19 for MIT’s Fall semester, significant changes have been made to the course reserves service to better support the largely online environment. Please find more information on these changes here and our guide to electronic resources general collection here.

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Submit your reserves

Submit course reserve and textbook information via the TIP form or through Faculty Enlight

Basics of submitting a request

TIP or the Semester Books Submission Form is the system for submitting recommended and required course reading information to meet the federal mandate set out in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, which requires faculty to divulge all materials that students must purchase for a course by pre-registration.
Submit your textbook and course reserve request through the Faculty Enlight System. The information you submit will be sent to the Libraries for course reserves and the Coop for textbook purchases. The information will be available in the Online Subject Listing after the Coop and/or Libraries finalize your order.
Required and recommended readings should be submitted before preregistration to satisfy the federal mandate. The Libraries and Coop send an email before the start of each semester indicating when you may begin to submit textbook information. For Fall 2019, the Libraries will be accepting materials fall reserves submissions through Nov. 1st, spring 2020 submission with a priority date of Nov. 15th, 2019.
Yes, you can have a designate submit the form on your behalf. The instructor of record automatically receives a confirmation of the request, as does the person who submits the form. Other contacts may be included in the "Also send confirmation to the following email addresses" field.
  1. After filling in the first page of the form, which covers contact, faculty and course information, you will see a page showing you adoptions from previous terms, which may adopt or not - or you may select "No materials Required For This Course".
  2. On the next page, you may select new or additional items by ISBN, title, author, publisher, or for non-text materials. You may also search for materials used by other instructions or even at other institutions.
  3. As you select items, you will also have the option to request new, used, or electronic options. You may also request a desk copy at the time.
  4. In the final screen when reviewing and placing your order, you may set each text as Required or Recommended here.
  5. Once you submit your order, you will see a confirmation screen. The bookstore will contact you if there are questions.

Use the third page of the form:
Electronic Reserves

You can submit your list in two ways:

  • Use the Attach File feature:
  • Enter the request into the text box.


Please remember to include specific information about the readings (detailed above) as well as the date when the reading is assigned. This information allows us to determine whether the reading falls within the fair use guidelines of US copyright law and helps us manage the workload associated with preparing scans.

Many faculty choose to place optional readings on reserve which the students are not required to purchase. You may submit a list on page 3 of the form. Please note in your request that these items are for print reserve, not electronic reserve.
Once you submit the form, the information is sent via an automated email to the Libraries and the Coop. The requests are manually processed. Representatives from the Libraries and/or Coop will contact you if there are questions regarding your request.
No. Once you submit your request, you cannot edit the information. If you would like to change or update your request, you should email The Libraries and the Coop will receive your update and edit your request.
Once the Coop processes your request, textbook information will be displayed in the Online Subject Listing. The site is updated once per week, overnight between Sunday and Monday. If there are questions or availability problems with your request, there may be a delay before the Online Subject Listing is updated.
Each department has assigned a TIP Liaison to provide assistance and local expertise for the MIT Semester Book Submission form. A complete list of liaisons has been posted for reference and updates by the departments.

Advanced TIP information

Yes. Reporting "no required or recommended textbooks" is necessary to fulfill the federal mandate.
No. We are only able to process and store information for current and past semesters.
You still need to fill out the form. However, once you have submitted textbook information via the TIP form, the information will be stored for future use. Previous semester book submissions may be searched for and selected by choosing the appropriate semester and then clicking the "search past terms" button on the second page of the form.
If the previous instructor submitted required and recommended readings through the TIP form, you will be able to search prior terms to see what materials were assigned. See the prior question for more detail.

You can manually enter the book on page 2 of the form:

Click the Enter Textbook Manually button and a manual entry box will pop up. You may enter the item details there.

Enter the information if you have it. If you do not know the price, you may still enter the course packet information, so students will know that a course packet is required or recommended, but leave the price field blank.
  • The Libraries send two course reserves communications before the start of a semester. These emails are typically sent to a departmental email list, administrative officer or assistant. We are unable to specifically target our messages to those faculty who have not submitted course reserves and/or textbook information.
  • If you already submitted your semester book and reserves information, you may disregard these messages.
Pricing information comes from a Bowker web service. Hardcover and softcover versions of the same title and edition have different ISBN numbers. The price listed in the MIT's Online Subject Listing is the Bowker price associated with the ISBN number that is submitted with your request. Bowker prices are the publisher's list price.

To change an instructor name in the Online Subject Listing, you need to update the information through 2 systems:

  • Submit an update through CIS, the Catalog Information System. You may do so yourself, if you have access to CIS, or you may contact the Registrar’s Catalog Office at
  • Add the instructor to the course in MITsis and click update when you are done.
  • You may contact the Libraries and the Coop to add or change information to a previous submission by emailing
  • If the instructor changed, then so does the required and recommended book information. You may submit the request through the Semester Books Submission Form. The new submission will overwrite the previous submission after the Coop processes the order.

There are a few possible explanations:

  • Submissions are updated online once per week, overnight between Sunday and Monday
  • The bibliographic information for a book is retrieved using the ISBN number. One book may have as many as three ISBNs. The information associated with that number comes from Bowker's Their bibliographic record may include additional details (e.g. foreword writer listed as an author).
  • We are unable to differentiate sections for a class. As a result, the books listed for all sections will appear in the Online Subject Listing. The same is true for "meets with" classes.
  • The Coop may not be able to process your order due to availability issues. They will contact requesters with alternative options when this issue arises.
  • There may have been a technical error. Please email

The Data Warehouse provides a BrioQuery report with complete information on book submissions, whether the submission was placed through the TIP form, or directly with the MIT Coop.

There is an online report tool for submissions placed directly through the Semester Book Submission form. Please keep in mind, some requests may have been placed directly with the MIT Coop in which case you will see erroneous results in the "not submitted" courses.