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Research & Learning: Assessment in R&L

ACE Assessment Program

In 2014, the library assessment program was expanded to work more explicitly with the ACE Directorate. The assessment librarian works with the ACE leadership team to establish a robust assessment practice to better understand the performance of the services offered by the directorate. In 2017, assessment was moved back to administrative services, under the Deputy Librarian.

Library-wide Reported Statistics

The following provides some of the data that we share with our peers through ARL and IPEDS, as well as data that is provided to vendors such as Peterson's and Barron's. These are considered the "official" figures that we share with any public request.

Some basic figures from ARL FY17:

  • Titles held (all formats): 2,489,801
  • Volumes held (print plus electronic): 3,262,468
  • Electronic books (also included in both counts above): 700,997

Explore prior years ARL statistics and IPEDS statistics.