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Video Tutorials Guidelines: Get started

Guidelines & Help

Want to create a video tutorial?

This guide will help you get started making video tutorials for users of the MIT Libraries.

What is a video tutorial?

For our purposes, a video tutorial is a short (less than 5 minute) video demonstrating how to do something.  Video tutorials should be created using ScreenFlow on the Mac in the Hayden Shared office (14S-234).

Create a video tutorial if:

  • interface or features are not intuitive
  • there are multiple steps
  • you want to show how simple and quick it can be to do something
  • you want to show a visual reminder
  • you want to show specific tips or tricks (not a general overview)
  • recording a PowerPoint presentation

Don't create a video tutorial if:

  • it's easily explained with a screenshot
  • it's just a general overview
  • the vendor supplies a tutorial that is sufficient (see below)
  • you want to make long walk-throughs of a service or place

Vendor-created video tutorials:

Many vendors create help videos for their products. When possible, don't duplicate existing vendor-created videos. Instead, link to vendor-created videos from your research guide or Vera, whatever is closest to the point of need for the user. For example, a vendor video about Web of Science could be linked from the Vera record for Web of Science and from any LibGuides that link to the database.  

To add or edit a video link in Vera, email vera-data.

Still not sure whether or not you should make a video?  Email irs-lib.

Get started!

After you decide to make a video tutorial, here's how to get started making one:

  1. Read through this guide, then fill out the permissions request form. The web-lib group will give you the password for using the Mac in the Hayden Shared Office, and they'll add you to the screenflow-lib email list (a forum for questions about ScreenFlow).
  2. Reserve the Hayden Shared Office (14S-234) to make your recording. (In Outlook, make a new proposal, add "LIB: 14S-234 Hayden Shared Office" as the room.) Pick up the office key from the Hayden Desk.
  3. Familiarize yourself with using a Mac and the ScreenFlow software. For links to tutorials and documentation, get ScreenFlow help.
  4. Record & edit your tutorial, and follow best practices.
  5. Export your tutorial to convert it into an .mov file.
  6. Upload your tutorial to TechTV, get your video captioned, add your video to the Self Help Documentation inventory, and add your video to the Video Tutorials & Workshops guide.

Need more help?   Email screenflow-lib.