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Overview and guidelines

Any member of the MIT community can request a Confluence wiki space for use by their group or project.


Applying for a new wiki


Form answers:

  • Space Title: Start with "Libraries" (e.g. "Libraries Instruction Toolkit")
  • Space key: This is a short alphanumeric string which becomes part of the URL for the space (e.g. LIBINSTRUCT): The key should be a shortened version of your title. It:
    • must be unique to this space
    • must be ALLCAPS
    • can't contain spaces or dashes
    • should be short
    • Libraries spaces should start with LIB (e.g. "LIBINSTRUCT")
  • Notes: Briefly describe what your wiki will be used for.
  • Membership options: You can optionally associate a Moira group (or groups) with your wiki space.
  • Hit "Submit Request."
  • An email will arrive from MIT IS&T: Athena User Accounts:
       Phone: 617-253-1325
    usually by the next day, containing your wiki's URL and other information.

A mailing list is not always a group

When you create a new mailing list, you have the option of also turning it into a group. If you will want your list members to have permissions on your wiki, be sure to make it a group. If the group to which you want to give permissions is not on the drop-down groups menu, ask a member of that group to add you.

We are all members of all-lib, which is both a list and a group: Choosing "display list characteristics" for all-lib in the athena list management page tells us, in part:

List: all-lib
Description: Libraries staff list - all staff
This list is a mailing list.
This list is a Group and its ID is: 28676

Case in point: dsg-lib was created as a list, but not a group - so when we first tried to give dsg-lib permissions in the DOME Selection Group wiki, we failed.

The IS&T wiki administrators are able to turn lists into groups, after which, permissions can be applied. Email the wiki administrators for help.

Exception: Because of the evolution of the Confluence Wiki service, several groups, including "all-lib," are named "confluence-groupname." If you can't find your group in the alphabet, look under "c".

If you don't see the group (not the same as a list!) that you want, ask a member of the group to add you to the group through Moira.